Calling all Rebel Dykes and their friends!

Are you a Rebel Dyke, young or old? Are you a fan or friend of these Rebels? Bijou Stories is keen to hear your stories and reactions to the exhibition for a podcast we are producing. Rosie Oliver will be in the gallery on Thursday 19th August and Thursday 2nd September to record informal interviews with visitors to the show.

Hot on the heels of the terrific Rebel Dykes documentary comes the exhibition; The Rebel Dykes Art and Archives Show at Space Station 65 until 17th September.

The exhibition is a high-octane, sex-positive celebration of a group of women who challenged the norms of 80s/90s culture with their positive representations of queer women in pre-gentrification London. Whether causing mayhem with their high profile campaigning, including bursting into the BBC News studio shouting ‘Stop Clause 28’ live on air, or partying at The Bell in Kings Cross, they exhibited an unstoppable exuberance that is beautifully captured in this show.

Curators Atalanta Kernick and Kat Hudson bring the rebels roaring into the gallery to the sound of dykes on bikes revving up their engines, like the iconic hellion, Tura Satana in Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill! The exhibition weaves together a heady mix of artefacts and art with new works by contemporary artists celebrating the influence of the Rebel Dykes.

We would love to hear from Rebel Dykes, their friends, fans and the new generation of queer artists and activists for a podcast to be featured on Bijou Stories. What does the exhibition mean to you? Are you a Rebel Dyke? Are you part of a new generation of queer rebellion? We want to hear your story!

Bijou Rosie meets Rebel Dykes producer, Siobhan Fahey

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