Here they come…The Rebel Dykes

Rebel Dykes trailer on YouTube

In case you haven’t seen it yet, Rebel Dykes is a life-affirming, provocative and hugely entertaining film that captures the story of the queer women who came together to start a club, hang out in squats and challenge the system. The film tells a great story about the women, but also captures London in the 1980s when gentrification was still a twinkle in the developers’ eyes and underground sub-cultures flourished.

Myself and Rosie Oliver met with producer Siobahn Fahey prior to a screening at the Genesis Cinema, Mile End. This was one of those meetings that may have started formally but ended with us putting the world to rights and planning a collaboration between the Rebel Dykes and Bijou Stories…..

Watch this space!

Rebel Dykes is playing on the international film festival circuit at the moment but is due for a digital release in the autumn.

Rosie Oliver from Bijou Stories and producer Siobahn Fahey

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