An Introduction to Bijou Stories

Using oral history, found footage and queer ephemera we aim to paint a new picture of the LGBTQ+ community based on their lived experiences, memories and histories. We will be capturing and documenting these stories and inviting participants to work with LGBTQ+ artists to re-imagine them and create new artworks for an exhibition and live […]

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Here they come…The Rebel Dykes

In case you haven’t seen it yet, Rebel Dykes is a life-affirming, provocative and hugely entertaining film that captures the story of the queer women who came together to start a club, hang out in squats and challenge the system. The film tells a great story about the women, but also captures London in the […]

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The Pansy Project

Our first Bijou Story is from Paul Harfleet, who discusses The Pansy Project, which he began as a response to homophobic abuse by planting a pansy at the site of the abuse. The photographic documentation of the plantings has led to an organically growing artwork that juxtaposes the violence of homophobic language with the fragility […]

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Bijou Stories

Bijou Stories will focus on the experiences, memories and histories of the LGBTQ+ communities in London. We will be capturing and documenting these stories through a variety of media and inviting participants to re-imagine them to create a living archive, exhibition and a celebratory performance that will the stories to life in 2021. Performance The […]

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