The Higher the Hair…

Bijou Stories brought some glamour and sparkle to Charlton at the Royal Borough of Greenwich’s community festival, Together 21, where we played host to Drag Queen Storyhour’s Clare DeLoon.

To enhance the extreme fabulousness in the marquee we offered participants a chance to make their own wigs to wear during the story session. Such glorious millinery extravaganzas we saw! The likes of which have never graced the streets of SE7 before!

As well as an enjoyable experience for the participants we had a number of parents who told us how important this was for their child. One father told us that his child seemed happiest when dressing up and sometimes used a girl’s name when playing. He told us how much his child had enjoyed being in such a fun and safe space and wished that there were more inclusive places for children to play without fear of judgement and bullying. And that, is one of the things that makes this project so rewarding.

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