Where To, Now the Sequins have gone?

Where To Now the Sequins Have Gone? is an ongoing project exploring the communities that developed around the many gay venues that existed in the 1970s – 2000s. The stories that people have shared about their experiences give us an alternative narrative and unique perspective on the socio-political history of the times and help us […]

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Textile Activism

Sarah-Joy Ford will be joining Bijou Stories for this workshop inspired by queer activism, visual culture and community story telling. Each participant will create their own individual banner that will be hung on a dowling rod ready to be marched with or hung up. In your banner you will be able to tell your own […]

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An Introduction to Bijou Stories

Using oral history, found footage and queer ephemera we aim to paint a new picture of the LGBTQ+ community based on their lived experiences, memories and histories. We will be capturing and documenting these stories and inviting participants to work with LGBTQ+ artists to re-imagine them and create new artworks for an exhibition and live […]

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Walk of Shame

Walk of Shame Treading through the galleries of Tate Britain; Mertle and Cardinal Paul are back           Mertle Merman (performance artist Caroline Smith) and Cardinal Paul Green invite you to join them as they uncover and examine feelings of shame in Tate Britain’s BP Walk through British Art, moving between the comic, serious […]

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Walk of Shame

Walk of Shame After their Shame Show at M.K. Gallery last year, Mertle Merman and Cardinal Paul are keeping their eyes firmly fixed on the world of art as they explore the collection of Tate Britain on Monday 17 March, 2014

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