Where To, Now the Sequins have gone?

Where To Now the Sequins Have Gone? is an ongoing project exploring the communities that developed around the many gay venues that existed in the 1970s – 2000s. The stories that people have shared about their experiences give us an alternative narrative and unique perspective on the socio-political history of the times and help us to understand how the LGBTQ+ community created ‘chosen family’ groups to support each other in times of media and political hostility, homophobia and the AIDS crisis.

In Sept 2022 we took over an empty shop unit as part of We Are Lewisham and created a space inspired by the ‘gay disco’ of the 70s/80s. Inside this glittertastic space people came together to hang out, share stories and take place in fun activities celebrating the culture of the LGBTQ+ community. Where to Now the Sequins Have Gone – exhibition

At the centre of the exhibition was a temporary archive made up of cuttings, recordings, photographs and ephemera that was submitted by participants. This was a ‘living archive’ that grew as the exhibition progressed – memories of the pubs, the cabaret acts, the theatre productions, and pantos, all of which help us to gain insight and share in some of these fantastic stories.

A playlist including the podcast and some disco classics is available on Spotify.

This project is part of Untold Stories

Many thanks to the funders that have supported Where To, Now the Sequins Have Gone?

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