Textile Activism

Sarah-Joy Ford will be joining Bijou Stories for this workshop inspired by queer activism, visual culture and community story telling. Each participant will create their own individual banner that will be hung on a dowling rod ready to be marched with or hung up.

In your banner you will be able to tell your own queer story, share a memory or express an idea/message important to you. 

These will become part of a group art work presented in February – and then can be taken to demonstration, shared on social media or hung up in the workplace or home as a reminder of the radical past and future of queer communities.

The workshop will use the pink and black triangle as the basis for each individual to create their own mini-queer banner. The symbols of the pink and black triangles were used to identify queer people in Nazi concentration camps. The pink triangle (used to identify gay men) was inverted and reclaimed during the 1980s changed from a symbol of oppression to one of resistance, most famously in ACT UP’s ‘silence=death’ poster during the AIDs crisis. The lesser known symbol of the black triangle was used to mark ‘ascocial’ people which included a diverse category of people including lesbians, sex workers, Romani people and nomads.

We invite you to come and share your LGBTQ+ story in stitch! 

This workshop is a collaboration between Bijou Stories and Metro Charity, funded by Royal Borough of Greenwich Community Arts Fund. This workshop is fully booked

This workshop is led by textile artist Sarah-Joy Ford who is passionate about quilts and queer archives. 


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