Angels Descend on Paris

This event has been rescheduled

Thurs 29 Sep 4.30pm for 5pm – 7pm

Angels Descend on Paris is a play by radical gay playwright Noel Grieg. First performed at The Albany in 1975, the play was inspired by Noel’s fear of the sight of neo-Nazis on the streets of London. The play received positive reviews but was never published leading to its reputation as a ‘lost’ play. In collaboration with Unfinished Histories, we will be presenting a special reading of the play based on Noel’s original manuscript.

We are looking for people interested in reading one of the six characters in the play:

Don’t be put off if you do not obviously fit the role, we are looking for participants of any age, race, gender. Just be prepared to read with enthusiasm!

Charles lower middle-class French born in 1899 so that he is 34 at the start of the play and 41 by the end

Rosa working class French born 1903 so that at the start of the place she is 31 and is 38 by the end

Alice lower middle class French born in 1906 she is 22 at the start of the play and is 35 by the end

Marta working-class German Jewish born in 1908 she is 26 at the start of the play and is 33 by the end

Lenny working class German born in 1911 he is 23 at the start of the play and is 30 by the end

Emily working class American Pennsylvania born in 1914 she is 20 when the play starts and is 27 by the end.

This will be a live reading and will be hosted in the We Are Lewisham space in Lewisham Shopping Centre as part of the Where To, Now the Sequins Have Gone exhibition programme.

Want to release your inner thespian? Get in touch with for more information.

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