MK Gallery Video Space, May 2013

Paul was invited by MK Gallery to curate the short films in their Video Space during May and selected a programme that reflects on heightened emotion and the interplay between society and the individual.

The films selected for this programme were chosen as they represent parts of a complex cycle of heightened emotions and the societal and psychological factors which can contribute to an individual’s perception of self. The films range from the reflective through to a pop art visualisation of war and destruction and explore the complexity of a symbiotic interaction between the individual and society.

The selected films include:

  • Yukio MishiimaYukoku AKA Patriotism AKA Love (1966) 
  • Derek Jarman, The Queen is Dead (1986) 
  • Standish Lawler Necrology (1970) 

films which challenge and provoke emotional responses from the viewer as they explore the psychological dissonance between self perception and social mores.

For more information about the films and MK Gallery please visit the Video Space page

Derek Jarman, The Queen IS Dead
Derek Jarman, The Queen Is Dead

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